Monday, June 22, 2009

Carmelite Spirituality Part 2

Now on to what draws me into the Carmelite Spirituality. While doing my research and reading St. Teresa of Avila's book, "The Way of Perfection", I came to meditate on their seperation from the world. They are so caught up in the Holy Spirit and so united to the Holy Trinity in prayer that the outside world seems to melt away before them. They are seperate from the world that we know, and in the spiritual realm of hapiness.
One thing you may not realize is that everyday, a carmelite somewhere, is praying for you. They take generalized topics and pray, such as "for all with addictions" or "for all who have suffered loss," etc. Somewhere you are being prayed for and when you turn back to God and are converted, even if you are Catholic and have fallen in sin, those religious can say that they have won a soul for God!
This complete seperation from the world is what attracts me. It is the idea of giving up everything you know, everything you love, everything in your life to completely follow God and be with God. Although I love the Carmelites, I will continue to pray for God's will in my life and not follow my own inclinations. But if it is his will, I will follow joyfully.

In Love,
Jude Graham


Anna said...

I am also interested in the Carmelites as I am thinking about becoming a Carmelite nun :)

Rosarygirl said...

I can't bear to read this. Maybe because I am trying to avoid my own vocation... I think God wants me to be a nun and I don't myself. I stopped somewhere in The Interior Castle because I was afraid of going too deep into it. Help. I have serious vocation issues. I'll force myself to read all of the stuff I was once head-over-heels in love with and hope it might help me. Thanks for posting it :)

Rosarygirl said...

Now I think of it (Ten seconds later, lol) I wonder if it so pains me to read this because I am jealous that you have this great love for God and the vocation He has given you. Unlike me. Anyway~ please pray for me and I will pray for your vocation too!

Teen Catholic said...

Just pray and attend mass as often as possible. You might also want to talk about this in confession. Say a daily Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. These will help you be open to Gods call. Also, try watching the movies about St. Teresa and St. Therese. They will inspire you.