Sunday, June 28, 2009

Divine Infant Jesus of Prague

Ever since I was child, I can remember the tender devotion that my Cajun great-grandmother had for the Infant Jesus of Prague. Over time, my grandmother inherited this devotion. I encounter the image alot at my grandmothers, but most notably the large statue she keeps in her display case. Growing up, being around the image so often, I never had a particular liking for the devotion. I enojoyed the image popular with Mother Angelica and EWTN. Recently my grandmother gave me a small statue of the Infant of Prague (left). This sparked my devotion. I have done some research on the Infant, which suprisingly, lead me back to the Carmelites! The image was thought to have orginated with St. Teresa of Avila, and if not, it is still in the care of the discaled Carmelites of Prague. The image shows the Child Jesus as king. His right hand is raised in blessing and he holds an orb topped with a cross in his left hand symbolizing his kingship over the universe. He is robed in clothes common to the aristocratic class during the time the statue was first carved. He is finally topped off with a crown wich of course symbolizes his kingship. The Christ Child now plays a major role in my life, teaching to have "faith as that of a child."

In Love,
Jude Graham

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Do you know the Infant of Prague Chaplet? It is very nice.

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