Sunday, July 12, 2009

Carmel is Calling!

I feel my Carmel tugging at my heart! I have begun reading into the life of St. Therese of Lisieux, and her "Little Way." Just as Therese felt called when she was but fourteen, I also feel myself called. I feel called to the seperation from the world, in order to live in "the desert place" with Jesus. And although I feel this deep and strong calling that comes in waves everytime I put on my brown scapular or see it, I know that I still have many problems that I need to sort out. St. Therese has showed me the way to do that. In her biography, she shows that her improvments were made over time, years even, not like some saints who appear to have become holy overnight. She comes from a place I can relate to. She also went to a place I can relate to. But one day, I know, I will enter the Carmel beloved to many, many great saints of the past! It shall be sheer happiness as I enter, and if it is not, so be it. I will stay.

Pax Christi!
Jude Graham

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Anonymous said...

I relate to your posts so much. I also wish to enter carmel, I feel as if it is so far away.