Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back Again!

Hello all! I would like to start back out on my blog with a reflection.

Sometimes in our lives, we fall away from God. We think he's not there, we think he doesn't love us, we think he just doesn't give a care. We fall away from our true friends to hang with the "cool" people. We begin to conform to the "mold" of the world. We try to fit in. We lose sight of the things that were once important in our lives. Then we stress out. We wonder where we went worng, we wonder why we do what we do, we question our very selves. The thing we must remember is thats its a long hard road. Jesus fell on his road, three times actaully. He always got back up. Thats whats important.

Starting high school in August dramatically changed my life. I was thrown into the rush of things as a freshman. High school is a different world. People begin to realize who they are. There are many more "gay" people, dating people, theater dorks, band geeks, Mu Alpha Theata, hippies, red-necks, football players, cheerleaders, etc. High school hits you. It hit me hard.

I fell away from God, from family, from friends, and from church activities. I fell into this deep dispair. I didn;t know who I was, I didn't know what was going on. I was lost. Well I'm tired of that. I want my life back. I want God back. I take after my "father". I'm a jealous lover! ;)




John said...

Hi Jude!

Wonderful Blog you have here! I first found you on the website A Place to explore your call to be a Catholic Priest! I have recently been asked to be in charge of the prayer and reflections page. I loved your reflection!I am a 16 and also have a blog too! Feel free to check it out. Loved this post! It reminds me of on that I wrote once. I'm so glad your back on your blog and posting again! I am glad that pulling away from everything that is of the world and turning back to God.:)

God Bless You!

John said...

So glad to see you back Jude - we really missed you. But know there were prayers going to Heaven for you every single day!

John (UK)

Jesus Hold My Hand said...

Jude - please keep updating your blog. You're right, high school is tough. And it's easy to get lost in it's maze of secular activities. But God is with you wherever you are. Yes, even though God isn't allowed in public schools, He's still still there in your heart and in your soul.

Think of the wonderful opportunity you have to be the "Light on the Hill" as a Christian witness to your fellow students. Seeing and knowing you may be the only opportunity they will ever have to know Jesus Christ.

God has given you a task. The question is, are you up to it?? I believe you are.

You're in my prayers.

Peace be with you.

Dixi said...

I'm so happy for you, Jude! You're a great guy and I give you a of credit for being able to stand strong in your faith in school. As a homeschooler I am so lucky I don't have to put up with all that um fun stuff. Hang in there!

Love and Prayers,