Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Call of Carmel

I now know St. Therese's agony as she waited for her entrance into our glorious Carmel! I am 15, just at St. Therese was, and have already tried for a special dispensation, but the laws of the United States hold me back. Until that glorious day when I enter, I must content myself with prayer and spiritual reading of the Carmelites. I faithfully wear the habit of the carmelites ( The Brown Scapular ) in hopes that one day, I may be fully clothed as a carmelite!
Satan is much at work in my life right now. I see how terrified he is of losing a soul to the Blessed Mother and her Holy Order! The Carmelite Monastery that I wish to enter is of ancient observance, and very strict in their rule. As I read on their website and talked with Fr. Prior over the phone, I have learned that these monks abstain from meat. Being a good cajun that I am, my mind and heart shrank from the prospect of never being able to eat meat again, I was quickly snatched back by the Blessed Mother through the Holy Rosary, and I saw the great spiritual graces that I will recieve in Carmel compared to the small sacrifice I would be called to make.
I continue to ask for your prayers, as I pray for all the readers of this blog!
Pax Christi!
Jude Graham

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Anonymous said...


You are in my prayers!
I too feel called to the religious life but am too young to join the convent!

Have you ever heard the story of the Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne?
If not I highly recommend this priest's AWESOME homily on them!
The first half is about the Jerusalem Temple and then he tells their story...


God Bless!